24 February 2013

Benefit Lipstick | Review

"benefit love your look full-finish lipsticks are the ultimate vacation colours... glide them on for a dreamy look day or night!"

As you all know, I'm not one for experimenting with lipsticks. I tend to stick to 3 out of around 14 lipsticks i own. 17's Beehive, Rimmel's Vintage Pink and MUA's Number 7.

Last month i attended Benefits Fine One One Event. (which I'm yet to blog about, keep your eyes peeled for it). I couldn't not leave empty handed so i picked up one of their Full Finish Lipsticks in the shade Do Tell.
It is slightly pinker than the Rimmel Vintage Pink one, however it is much more purple than pink, and a lot more glossy. It is really moisturising and looks great on. It is so soft to apply and really pigmented which is great. I love the fact that i feel comfortable wearing this with anything.
 I am a little disappointed in the lasting time though. On myself, id say it lasts around 3 - 4 hours on a general day.

This is my first benefit product, bar samples, and i am slightly not impressed. Only slightly mind. Only because i thought it would last much longer than it did.  However, i do love the product and the packaging looks great. If i am feeling dangerous i may pick up a few more that i have my eye on. I don't mind applying lippy a few times a day ;)

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