28 March 2013

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FABB Bloggers Event Leeds.

On the 9th March was the FABB Bloggers Event held at Chilli Whites in Leeds by the lovely Ray and Tor. They both held a similar event last year that i attended. Earlier this year (or late last year) they decided to branch out and do more events under the name FABBEvents.

I was really excited for this event and i couldn't wait to attend. I knew a few bloggers going and was looking forward to meeting up with them and seeing a few familiar faces from blogs i read.

To get the event going Ray and Tor made an introduction to everyone stating who they are and what their events are about. There was twitter competitions as well as some really informative talks from companies and brands. The talks were from Cloud9, HealthPointChiara Fashion, Best Britsh Bloggers and Hearts and Bows from Ark Clothing

Sam from Whenflowersfall has a great video from the day. Here
Overall it was an amazing day filled by informative talks, amazing cupcakes and banter. I cannot wait to attend the next one. 

Oh and how could i forget the amazing goody bags made up by Ray and Tor. 

Sorry the image is so dark.

11 March 2013

Benefit Fake Up Event.

Friday the 8th March saw the #FakeUp event for Benefits brand new concealer. I couldn't believe it when i saw the email in my inbox i knew i had to attend. I went along with Sam and met up with Rachel and Dan.

The venue the event was held in was a stunning hotel in Leeds city centre called Malmaisson. It was absolutely stunning. Not long after arriving we were greeted with champagne and had a mingle with some other bloggers.

Obviously be being the socially awkward child i am, just sat in the corner and didn't really speak to anyone. I did see a few familiar faces from other events tho and did speak to a lovely blogger called Jade.

 Leading the event was Lisa Potter-Dixon. She is the head Make-Up and Trend Artist and Brow Expert for Benefit.
The event was mainly showing us their new concealer Fake Up. This products comes in 3 shades; Light, Medium and Dark. We were kindly given all three to go home with and try out for ourselves. Obviously i would never be able to wear the darkest shade but we were taught a clever little trick. Use it as a contour. I know Sam has tried this out and really likes it. I'm not really one for contouring i find it pretty scary but i will keep trying at it. One day i hope to master it. The concealer is a hydrating crease-control concealer. It is nothing like anything on the market at the moment as the concealer is in the middle of a hydrating balm filled with Vitamin E and Apple seed extract. I will be posting a full review soon.
Some other bloggers were lucky enough to come away with some other amazing goodies after answering questions and we were all also given Hello Flawless powder.

Overall the event was amazing. I had a fabulous time and got to try out some potentially amazing products. I cant wait for another.

OOTD | Benefit Event

On Friday i attended the Benefit #FakeUp Event. Here is what i wore.

Dress - Boohoo.com
Tights - Primark
Bag - Primark
Heels - Primark
Nails - Nails Ink Leather Effect

I didn't go too dressed up as i didn't want to be the one who is over dressed. However i did want to look presentable. As i had been quite ill this week i didnt want to wear anything too fussy so just went with a simple skater dress and added a belt. I wish i hadnt worn these heels as ever since being prengant i just cannot walk in them. I thought id give it a go put the pain got the better of me by the end of the night. 

5 March 2013

Nars Blush - Deep Throat | Review

I adore this little beauty. It was a gift from my fiancé a while back and it has completely been my go to blush ever since.

I use it pretty lightly so it isn't too heavy on my cheeks and i think it give me a nice flush of colour with a slight shimmer. I have seen this being raved about so much on peoples blogs so when i ventured to a Nars counter i knew straight away i wanted to walk away with this. It is a beautiful peachy pink with a slight gold shimmer to it.

1 March 2013

Jack Wills Nail Varnish | Orchid

This is most definitely a love hate product.
I absolutely adore the colour and shine when it has dried, but oh my it takes forever to dry.

I decided to use a base coat with this, for some reason i thought it might stain my nails. It took around 5 minutes to dry, with me sticking my hands in water for an extra 2 minutes. Even now, 30 minutes later i am still smudging it. Any tips on how to get this to not smudge?

So aside from the drying issues, i love it. The colour is great. A gorgeous shade of purple. Once it has dried (to some extent) it is very glossy and shiny. I have worn this before today and it does last a good few days before chipping off. The price, £6.50 is a bit steep considering my fave Boots 17 Varnishes range from £2.99 to £3.99 and i believe are much better, but what do you expect for a jack wills product?

You can purchase them here or at your local Jack Wills Store.

Overall, i dont hate them, i quite like them. I do have my eye on Sage and BlueBell though.

26 February 2013

Wish list #1 | Boohoo.com

I absolutely adore Boohoo.com. It is always up to date fashion at affordable prices and amazing looking clothing. I have purchased several items from here before. All of them being dresses come to think of it.
This is my current wish list.

1.  2.  3.
4.  5.  6.
7.  8.  9. 
If money was no issue, i would own everything on this page and no doubt more. Sadly, bills come first. Boooooo. 
Anyway, i have just realised i have absolutely no specific style. I like what i like and i wear what i want. 
I have only recently fell into the sheer shirt trend and i am definitely a fan now. Although, they cant be too wild and they most definitely have to have long selves. I have been lusting after a thick 'boyfriend' style cardigan for a long time now and i havent actually found one that i like. I do love this one though. Its plain and simple. I want to be able to just chuck it on with that effortless look but look great at the same time. Thick cardy, simple top, skinny jeans and some flats or converse on a lazy day. Yes. 
In the summer, i absolutely love dresses. I hate being far too hot and feeling sweaty. In what summer we get, you will usually find me in a cute dress with a cardy over the top as i 100& hate my arms so must have them covered up. (unless i just cant possibly handle the heat or feeling very, very brave). 

24 February 2013

Benefit Lipstick | Review

"benefit love your look full-finish lipsticks are the ultimate vacation colours... glide them on for a dreamy look day or night!"

As you all know, I'm not one for experimenting with lipsticks. I tend to stick to 3 out of around 14 lipsticks i own. 17's Beehive, Rimmel's Vintage Pink and MUA's Number 7.

Last month i attended Benefits Fine One One Event. (which I'm yet to blog about, keep your eyes peeled for it). I couldn't not leave empty handed so i picked up one of their Full Finish Lipsticks in the shade Do Tell.
It is slightly pinker than the Rimmel Vintage Pink one, however it is much more purple than pink, and a lot more glossy. It is really moisturising and looks great on. It is so soft to apply and really pigmented which is great. I love the fact that i feel comfortable wearing this with anything.
 I am a little disappointed in the lasting time though. On myself, id say it lasts around 3 - 4 hours on a general day.

This is my first benefit product, bar samples, and i am slightly not impressed. Only slightly mind. Only because i thought it would last much longer than it did.  However, i do love the product and the packaging looks great. If i am feeling dangerous i may pick up a few more that i have my eye on. I don't mind applying lippy a few times a day ;)

22 February 2013

Amy OOTD | #1

Leggings and Dress Outfit - George @ Asda
Hair Clip - Sainsburys
Little Model.

I really love this outfit i picked up from Asda before Christmas. It was her Boxing Day outfit as it is pretty comfortable for her and nothing too dressy that can be worn again and again. I love the fact that it can be worn with so many other things. The dress can be worn with Jeans and the Leggings can be worn with other dresses, T-shirts and under skirts. Cant go wrong for £6 really.